For Conventional Radio:


1.   Why Couldn't I communicate with other group members?

First, please verify that the channel frequency and the CTCSS you are using are the same as those of your group members. If the channel frequency and the CTCSS are the same, please verify that your group members are within the radio coverage.




2.   Why can I hear the voice from other groups?

Please change your CTCSS for the channel. At the same time, you also need to the CTCSS for all the radios in your group. If you don't like this, you may apply another channel frequency

3.   What is the battery life cycle?

Please replace your old battery with a new one when the battery life cycle is over, so that you can get the best performance from your radios. For a Ni-MH battery, it is designed to 500 standard recharge & discharge cycles; for a Li-ion, 1000 standard cycles.

4.   My radio can not scan channels? Why?

This happens because when the radio is programmed, the channel is not included into the scan list. Or the whole channel scan function is not turned on for the radio. Please turn to a professional engineer to troubleshoot this problem.

5.   After the radio is programmed, there are noises from radio like "dudududu" Why?

This happens because the radio is wrongly programmed. This noise is an indication that the channel frequency programmed is out of the frequency range supported by this radio. Please check your setting or turn to a professional engineer for help.

6.   After a period of time, my radio works well, but no sound from my earpiece.

The socket inside the radio has been damaged. Please return the radio to your Hytera authorized dealer for maintenance.

7.   Why is the radio communication range shorter than before and the sensitivity becomes poorer?

Please check the antenna and make sure it is a good one. Also please check the antenna socket is not damaged or loosened. If so, please return the radio to your Hytera authorized dealer for maintenance.

8.   Radio to Radio Clone Method

When a lot of radios need to be programmed, the fast and secure way to do this is to do radio-to-radio clone. Hytera radios can support wired clone and wireless clone, depending on the radio functionalities. Please contact your Hytera authorized dealer to get the detailed clone procedures for your radio.


9.   What kind of batteries you can offer, what's the difference among them?

2 kinds of batteries we can offer, i.e. Li-ion battery and Ni-MH battery.

tem Voltage Re-charge Memory Effect Price Standing Time

Ni-MH  1.2VYESNo Normal Bad

Li-ion 1.2V YES No High Good

10.  Why the programming software updates so quick, and incompatible? 

To perfect the software, the updating is necessary, and the new one has good compatibility. If you want the latest edition, we could supply it for you.

11.  How to make my radio talk to others? 

Firstly, set the two radios in the same frequency, secondly, set the same CDCSS/CTCSS, and then they can talk each other. 


12.  Is long antenna better than short antenna? 

No. Short antenna has convenient-design, and easy to carry. Long antenna covers wider communication range. So the choice all depends on the environment and personal favorite.


13.  How long is the communicate distance of TC-XX? 

The communicate distance would be disturbed by following factors: 

(1) Environment: If you use it around high buildings and large mansions, the communication range is smaller. 

(2) Weather: If you use the radio in rainy day, the radio performance maybe poor. 

(3) Power: If the power of the radio is very low, you have a poor communicate distance.

14.  How to use the earphone correctly? 

(1) Do not draw the earphone cable hardly.

(2) Don not stick in or pull out the earphone from the jack frequently.

15.  Does the radio have radiation? How to use the radio safely while it works?  

Yes. So, when use a radio, hold the radio in a vertical position? And keep about 2-5 centimeters distance with the radio.


16.  How to judge the performance of different model radio?

Based on the different parameter: band range, Tx power, Rx sensitivity, and other data. 


17.  The voice received is intermittent with rather big noises.

Usually, when the radios are at the edge of the coverage area or in some places where the radio signals are interrupted or blocked, this symptom will happen. Please kindly verify the above. If necessary, please return the radio to your Hytera authorized dealer for maintenance.


18.  Why can i hear the voices clearly from other group, sometimes, my voice is intermittent. Why? 

Please check whether the MIC is blocked by something. If so, Please return the radio to your Hytera authorized dealer for maintenance.


19.  There is no display or something strange displayed on my LCD? Why?

This happens because of the poor connection between the LCD and PCB. The possible cause of this is that the radio was dropped and not used properly. Please return the radio to your Hytera authorized dealer for maintenance.


20.  I can not turn on the radio and even it is turned on, it often shuts off automatically. Why?

Please check the battery contacts on the radio. If it is broken or twisted, please return the radio to your Hytera authorized dealer for maintenance.

21.  What should I do, if the radio is dropped into water?

Take the radio out of water as quick as possible and remove the battery as quick as possible. Swing the water out of radio and put the radio at the place where the ventilation is good so that the radio be dried quickly. At last but not least, return the radio to your Hytera authorized dealer for maintenance as early as possible.

For Digital Radios:


1. What Windows Operating System can the Customer Programming Software “CPS” work on?,

 Windows 7 (32bits), Windows XP/2000 (32 bits only), Windows Vista (32 bits only) (No 64 Bits OS)

2. Will you need a USB driver to program the DMR RADIOS?

Yes, A USB Bulk Driver must be installed in order for the CPS to communicate with the radio, Consider that the device is not the cable but the DMR radio. Please use the USB installation instruction power point presentation to get the driver install. (Will not work on 64 bits operating system)

3. What is DMR?

Digital Mobile Radio; Base on a TDMA (Time division multiple frequency) Modulation protocol technology, operating in 12.5 kHz bandwidth channels, With 4 levels FSK (frequency shift keying) and advanced FEC (forward error correction) technology.

4. How many time slots are available on a TDMA channel for data and voice communications?

Two time slots that can be used as audio or data channels (-e)

5. Why is the battery life of a portable 40% longer?

DMR technology, 30milliseconds on 30 millisecond off

6. CPS; Under Channel (Digital/Analog); how does the Offset (MHz) works?

Add +/- offset to receive frequency, RX Freq + (+/-Offset) = TX frequency

7. What is the model for the Portable Programming cable? 


8. What is the model for the repeater/mobile cable? 


9. What is the name of the USB driver? 

USB Bulk

10. What is the SN.txt file use for?

Is the key/password to install the Hytera Digital CPS

11. What is the Setup .exe use for?

Use to installed the CPS Software

12. What do you do  if the OS prompt you; “new hardware has been detected” while connecting the programming cable to the USB port of  the computer  and the radio programming port  , and the radio is power up?

Follow the “USB installation instruction” Power Point Presentation located on Hytera Website, (you need to installed the USB Bulk driver).

13. What type of calls can you make from the Hytera radio?

Group call, Individual call, All call

14. Are these calls compatible with Mototrbo?

Yes, this are compatible with Mototrbo , (messaging and GPS are not!)

15. How many characters can be included in a Quick text message?

256 characters

16. How talk around works?

The radio will transmit and receive on the repeaters transmit frequency

17. What is the use for the Color code field?

Use when using repeaters with the same frequency to differentiate between them (Simulcast)

18. How many color codescan we have;  

15 color codes from 1-15

19.  What is TOT.

Time out timer

20. How many groups can we program?


21. How many Contacts/Ids can we program?


22. How many DMR emergency systems can we have?


23. What is the channel stepping of the Hytera radio?   

1.25 kHz

24. What is the IP standard for the Hytera portable? 


25. What is the duty cycle for the RD980 Repeater: 100% duty cycle?


26. How many Zones can be program on the portable, mobiles?

32 (total channels will add to no more than 256)