World’s First DMR Trunked Tier III Solution Provider Awarded IOP Certificates 2012-09-18



Shenzhen, China, September 2012—On September 4, 2012, the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Association announced the completion of the first DMR Tier III Interoperability (IOP) test by awarding Hytera with IOP Certificates. The test was fulfilled in two phases, IOP between Hytera trunked terminal (Tier III) and third party trunked infrastructure, and IOP between Hytera trunked infrastructure (Tier III) and third party trunked terminals.

DMR Association Press Release

Download the IOP Certificates: Terminal, Infrastructure

Hytera DMR Tier III IOP Certificates

Benefits to users brought by IOP

The DMR Association developed the DMR IOP Process in order to ensure users would benefit from a truly open multi-vendor market for DMR equipment. A healthy, competitive, open, multi-vendor market brings proven benefits to users such as choice of equipment, choice of supplier, continuous development of new products with increased functionality and improved price performance. It enables customers to have the ability to select the most appropriate products for their needs and to be confident that these products are compatible with each other. Users can be sure that products awarded a DMR IOP Certificate have been rigorously tested and the functions listed in the certificate are interoperable. This allows users who select equipment from a number of suppliers to reduce the amount of system integration and testing that they need to undertake and gives them confidence that should they incorporate a second supplier in future that existing equipment will not become obsolete.

Know more about the DMR IOP Certification Process, please visit dmrassociation.org.

Key milestones of DMR trunked solution

As a Category 1 member of DMR Association, Hytera has been actively involved in the DMR technology development, and in May 2010, Hytera officially launched its DMR conventional (Tier II) portfolio, including portable, mobile, and repeater. The Hytera conventional DMR solution has been swiftly adopted by industry and business users.

In March, 2011, Hytera unveiled its DMR trunked (Tier III) infrastructure at the 2011 International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE). Later Exit & Entry Administration of Shenzhen, China adopted Hytera DMR trunked (Tier III) solution. Hytera, therefore, became the world’s first to launch and commercially deliver DMR trunked solution. Hytera is also the first company to have an IOP compliant DMR solution with Tier II and Tier III in a single radio. The Exit & Entry Administration project is also a breakthrough for the DMR Standard itself, since it is the first installation in the public security sector.

Exit & Entry Administration of Shenzhen manages the busiest checkpoints to mainland China. Hytera DMR trunked communication system was adopted to handle the traffic hike brought by the 26th Universiade, which is an international university sporting event. The system has been proven to be efficient and reliable during and in the wake of the grand event, and it became the backbone communication and dispatch system for the Administration.

Know more about Hytera DMR solution and reference cases, please visit dmr.hytera.com.