Sometimes overlooked in favour of its higher-spec PD7 series cousins, the PD705LT really is an all-round brilliant hire portable. It’s cost-effectiveness is complemented by its IP67 rating and robust casing. Let’s not forget that it has a dedicated emergency button too.Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 15.49.53

X1p enabled the deployment of a new geolocalisation system

The selection of the Hytera X1p enabled the deployment of a new geolocalisation system. In doing so, it removed the need for extra staffing levels.

Indoor location
Deployed around live operations, PMR Products’ SafetyNet Locator is a real-time mapping system which tracks and records the location and movement of radio users in both indoor and outdoor environments, based on a network of beacons.

A module in each X1p handset automatically detects a radio user’s movements via the beacon. The Locator Receiver processes the beacon updates and sends position information over the radio to a centrally located decoder. Bluetooth is used for indoor data transfer, while GPS is automatically activated when outdoors.

– See more at: http://www.landmobile.co.uk/news/a-utilitarian-approach#sthash.w0ZktKkv.Wo4HpCnC.dpuf 

Hytera Launches Entry-level Digital Two-way Radio

Hong Kong, China, 16th May 2014 – Hytera added another strong product series to its world’s leading DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) two-way radio portfolio at the regional launch conferences in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur on 16th May. Over two hundred partners and users were present at these two launching events to witness the unveiling of this long-awaited series, dubbed as Digital Migration Radio, including PD3 Series, PD5 Series and PD6 Series.

PD6 Series are DMR standard two-way radios with small, sleek, light outlook and metal frame. With expanded frequency range of 400-527 MHz and dual mode operation, PD6 Series ensure a smooth analog-to-digital migration. These products are compliant with MIL–STD-810-C/D/E/F/G standards and IP67 water & dust-proof. Because of the rich features, PD6 Series can Support 3rd party development.

PD5 Series are Digital Migration Two-way Radio which supports DMO True 2-slot and secure communication. It is a small, sleek and light two-way radio with long battery life. PD5 Series are simple and modest which are compatible with analog accessories.

PD3 Series are pocket-sized two-way radios and are designed for business. These are DMR first licensed free two-way radios with micro-USB charging which can provide a convenient operating condition.

“The Digital Migration Radio series are designed for business and enterprise users. It helps users with a smooth migration from analog radios to digital, both technology and cost-wise. So far Hytera offers the most complete DMR portfolio including X1 & PD7 series for mission-critical users, IS radios for mining, oil & gas professionals, and the PD6, PD5, PD3 series,” said Dylan Liu, marketing director of Hytera. 



Delegation of British Borough Councils Visited Hytera Headquarters

Shenzhen, China, April 2013—On April 18, British delegation of Slough Borough Council. Shenzhen is the second stop of the delegations’ Chinese tour with Hytera being the only enterprise representative for their visit.

During the visit, the delegation were impressed by Hytera digital products and solutions and showed great interest in the Command Center Dispatching Solution for its smart command and dispatching functions.

Mr. Chen Qingzhou, the president of Hytera, gave a brief introduction on Hytera’s growth in the UK since entered the market in 2006, especially after its relocation in Slough last year. Ms. Ruth Bagley, Chief Executive of Slough Borough Council, acknowledged Hytera’s experience in the UK and exchanged ideas with Mr. Chen on the public services in Slough.

Hytera Digital Regional Launch Events in UK

From Jan. 19 to Feb. 3, HYT UK held a series of DMR promotion conferences together with its distributor Zycomm in Bristol, Gatewick, Cambridge, Derby, Pristion, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

In order to promote the DMR products in the UK, HYT UK delivered detailed introduction on its DMR products, and also took some DMR live demos during these events. Dealers across the UK attended these events and had great interactions with HYT UK team.

DMR promotion conference in UK
DMR promotion conference in UK

Hytera to be present at BAPCO 2011


From April 13 to 14, BAPCO, the prominent event for all professionals engaged in the provision and use of communications and information management technologies will be held at Business Design Centre, London. As a leading provider of professional wireless communications equipments and solutions, Hytera will be present at this grand event with its extended digital family and powerful analog portfolio.

Visit us at booth 205 and discover the innovation brought by Hytera!

Learn more about BAPCO 2011, http://2011.bapco.co.uk/content/

Hytera Digital Radios & Applications Presents on BAPCO 2011
Hytera Digital Radios & Applications Presents on BAPCO 2011

Hytera Offers Metro Communications Solution for Universiade 2011

SEG Communication, a full subsidiary of Hytera Communications Co., Ltd, successfully delivered wireless communication system to Longgang Metro Line Investment Company. Longgang Line is a major part of the Shenzhen metro network, and will offer essential support for passenger traffic during Universiade 2011.

As a part of overall construction project of Universiade 2011, the wireless communication system was challenged with project complexity and limited time. SEG formed designated research, design and engineering team to tackle difficulties throughout the whole process. With emergency reaction as one of the top concerns, SEG offers a system with three emergency plans to ensure efficient and reliable communications in case of any situation unexpected. Mr. Yang Shaolin, general manager of Longgang Metro Line Investment Company, spoke highly of SEG’s contribution to the overall project. “There were lots of difficulties throughout the project, however, SEG impressed us with quality and in-time delivery”, said Yang at the delivery ceremony on 10th May.

Besides Longgang Line, SEG has already offered communication solutions for Line 1 & 3 of Shenzhen Metro. Metro communication systems in metropolitans like Wuhan and Hongkong have won SEG solid reputation within the industry.

Metro Communications System Delivery Ceremony
Metro Communications System Delivery Ceremony

China Open Runs Smoothly with Hytera DMR Solution

China Open 2010 closed the curtain on October 10 at the National Tennis Centre. As the sole PMR solution provider, Hytera brought its innovative DMR system to facilitate the efficient operation of the world-class event. It was the second time for China Open and Hytera worked together.

Wireless coverage in sport stadiums has always been a difficulty. The gigantic steel & concrete structure imposes daunting barrier to signal transmission. What makes it even more challenging is that office areas are usually at the ground floor of the building, where corridors and walls are erected for the architectural and functional purpose. Hytera engineer team’s onsite test at the National Tennis Centre reveals that signals degrade severely within 100 meters in the office area.

Customized solutions resulted from close collaboration with clients have always been Hytera’s strength, and China Open 2010 is another example. Hytera tailored a DMR solution, which overcame the challenges from the venue, and ran smoothly with heavy traffic across different functional departments during the two-week event.A senior Hytera executive said: “Hytera is committed to providing clients worldwide with valuable professional wireless communication solutions. As a top international sports event, China Open’s development strategy matches Hytera’s global vision and pursuit of the global leadership. Facilitating communications for large-scale events in complex environment is one field that Hytera has accumulated lots of experience. Hytera’s digital communication products will also serve Guangzhou Asian Games and Universiade 2011.”
“China open” is a top tennis tournament organized by Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and International Tennis Federation (ITF). The event this year attracted half of the top 50 WTA-ranked players and the top 30 ATP-ranked players

Hytera DMR Solution Serves Huai’an Airport

On Sep. 26, 2010, Huai’an Airport, a key regional airport approved by the State Council of China, opened to operation with a DMR solution provided by Hytera.

The DMR solution proposed by Hytera utilizes a digital communications system with two four-channel carriers and a capacity of 200 terminals, which can also support follow-up extension. Hytera DMR terminals PD780, mobiles MD780 and repeaters RD980 are used for daily communications. And a high-performance continuous recording system is set up in the commanding center to record all the calls of the four channels, while the intrinsic encryption of the digital technology ensures the confidentiality of every call.

Wireless communications play a critical role in airport management for delivering better information and improving operational efficiency. Geared to their special and professional applications, Hytera is devoted to serving airports, as well as other transportation utilities, with its innovative, reliable and customized digital products.

HRH the Duke of York Visits Hytera Headquarters

On the afternoon of October19, HRH the Duke of York, visited Hytera headquarters in Shenzhen, China, and had a meeting with Hytera executives after a tour in the labs, manufacture center, and show room.

HRH the Duke of York had a warm conversation with Hytera executives, and welcomed Hytera’s investment in the U.K. During his tour in Hytera headquarters, the Duke showed great interests in Hytera as well as its innovative products, and kindly expressed his willingness to support Hytera’s development in the U.K. in terms of human resources, technology and business. He also extended an invitation to Hytera’s U.K. team for a visit to his office.

During the meeting, Mr. Chen Qingzhou, the president of Hytera, gave a brief introduction on Hytera’s overseas progress and elaborated on the swift growth of the American branch accomplished by over 40 local employees. Chen also expressed his vision on the U.K. subsidiary’s bright future as the operation center of Hytera’s European market.

Duke of York was appointed in 2001 as the U.K.’s special representative for international trade and investment under the British government, specifically UKTI, in charge of attracting foreign investments and assisting British companies for overseas business.

HRH the Duke of York talks with Hytera president Chen Qingzhou
HRH the Duke of York talks with Hytera president Chen Qingzhou
HRH the Duke of York takes a photo with Mr. Chen in the show room
HRH the Duke of York takes a photo with Mr. Chen in the show room

Hytera Offers Communications Solution to Shenzhen Metro

On Dec. 28, Line 2 and Line 3 of Shenzhen Metro were open to operation as schedule with Hytera wireless communications solution. Hytera has already provided communications system for Line 1 and Line 4 of Shenzhen Metro, and Line 2 and Line 8 of Guangzhou Metro.

As the wireless communications contractor for Line 2 and Line 3, SEG (a Hytera subsidiary) tailored a wireless dispatching communications solution for them, which played a critical role in the security and operation efficiency of the Metro, and won high recognition from Shenzhen Metro. There are another 5 lines, including two extension lines, under construction scheduled to open before Universiade 2011 in August. Hytera will provide communications system for all these 5 lines.

Line 2 of Shenzhen Metro
Line 2 of Shenzhen Metro

Hytera Empowers Provincial Police Wireless Network

On Nov. 24, Hytera secured a communications project for Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province, China, and won all the four tenders of this project with its innovative solutions, including 350M trunking, visualized dispatching, urgent communication and wireless video transmission.

TC-890GM multi-mode radio integrated with PGIS (Police Geographical Information System) and TS6800 portable urgent communication system will be utilized for visualized dispatching and urgent communication, while the combine application of 350M trunking and wireless video transmission will achieve a prefecture-wide network of voice & video transmission. Hytera wireless video transmission solution has already been used in Hainan and Fujian provinces, China, and highly recognized by clients.