Analog Radio Products

As a pioneer in China's professional wireless communication sector, Hytera stays on the world's cutting-edge of technology and keeps researching and developing wireless two-way radio series that caters to the needs of the professional, commercial and civilian markets. Notably, a number of products, which comply with the American Military Standard MIL-STD81OC/D/E/F, have passed the FCC and CE certifications. Hytera's products are sold to over 80 countries and regions, including the U.S., Canada, Italy, France, South Africa and Japan.

Model: TM600/610
The high-performance, yet simple-to-use TM-600 and TM-610 mobiles are created to give you the immediate, reliable communication you need...
Model: TC610
Hytera TC610 is most popular two way radio for all industries users. Its superior dust & water protection performance helps...
Model: TC620
Incorporating cutting-edge technology, TC-620 is the option customized for users in property management,hotel and service industries. In...
Model: TC700/700P
Ideal for high-level professionals who want powerful yet streamlined communication tools, the TC-700 series are packed with cutting-edge...
Model: TC700Ex ATEX
The choice for professionals in hazardous environments – ATEX-approved TC-700 Ex PLUS. Intrinsically safe Radios for...
Model: TC780
TC-780 is a medium-to-high tier portable radio developed with state-of-the-art analog technology and provides multiple functions. With...
Model: TM800
Perfect for growing organizations, the flexible TM-800 Professional mobile radio can readily expand to meet fast changing business needs....