Public Safety

Wireless trunking network solution for public security

  Challenges Obviously, communication is vital for police officers. Since they are required to communicate across wide areas, use a massive number of terminals, and coordinate frequently across departments, a secure, reliable and efficient voice communication system is essential for every critical mission.  Solution As a voice-base..

GIS System For Public Safety

  Background  Hytera GIS for Public Safety (PGIS) solution is a Police Geographic Information System designed for public safety users. The solution untilizes the GIS system to integrate public safety data with the spatial information so as to realize visualized dispatching. It helps users to allocate police resource more efficiently by real-t..

Integrated Command & Control System

  Background  Maintaining social stability and safety, fighting against crime, and creating a sound business environment are the primary tasks for the government. Yet the increasing frequency of natural disasters and public emergencies puts much more challenges to modern government, and to construct an efficient, secure and stable Command &am..