Forestry Solution

  Background Forestry Management is saddled with tasks of protecting the forest, wildlife and people in the area. These tasks are especially critical when autumn comes and the forests are ever more vulnerable to the fire. However, due to the poor communication in the wide forest with various signal obstructions, the Forestry Management always fail..

Solution For PMR Operator

  Background With the fast development of the information society, professional users demand more for communications, which puts great challenge to professional communication operators. On one hand, they should provide reliable communication services of clearer voice and wider coverage to meet the customers' demands; on the other hand, the com..

Ireland Mental Hospital

Customer Profile The Ireland Mental Hospital is one of the largest Psychological Institution in Ireland, housing about 350 patients and 100 working staff. The hospital is renown for its advanced treatments and well equipped facility, as well as its value of security.   Customers Need Simple communication equipment with a portab..