Smart Dispatch Professional Dispatcher System

1. key features

-On-line/off-line status reporting
-Remote monitoring*
-All types of voice call
-Radio kill & radio activation
-Multiple mappings support
-GPS positioning
-Real-time tracking
-Location history and route playback
-Regions and geofencing
-Text messaging
-Offline messaging*
-Emergency alarm
-Voice recording & playback
-Reporting and statistic
-Phone interconnect*
-Dispatcher intercom*
-Email gateway*

*Available in R3.0 release.


2. What's Specials
-Modularity and flexibility for system deployment
-Multiple mapping engines support
-Various access privileges
-Multiple and separate screen support
-Multiple languages support
-No recurring monthly investment

3. Product Types
-Hytera provides two tiers of SmartDispatch dispatching systems depending on the size of the system.
-SmartDispatchLite: Standalone single PC version supports only single site with up to 4 voice channels.
-SmartDispatch: Professional version with client-server architecture supports multiple sides dispatching solution based on IP network.
-Target markets: Transportation, Utilities, Commercial/Industrial, Public Safety, Airport, Bank, etc.
-SmartDispatch Topology:

4. Comparison


5. System Requirements


 Download our latest brochure:  http://www.hyterauk.co.uk/download/DMR_Smart-Dispatch-20120217.pdf